What's a manager to do when the number of support vehicles increases? Many producers arrange with local garages or dealers to get service for their support vehicle fleets. Others just tell the assigned drivers to keep up with the maintenance. Although these solutions redirect the real work from the shop floor, fleet managers still must control these costs.

With a new program announced at World of Concrete 2002, producers may have another service alternative. Managers from Enterprise Fleet Services announced a national maintenance program that focuses on fleets with 15û125 vehicles.

Enterprise Fleet Services' full maintenance program subscribers can sign up for maintenance coverage on virtually all makes of cars, light-duty trucks, and service vehicles as well as many diesel engine vehicles. The program includes everything from changing wiper blades to rotating tires and rebuilding transmissions, all of which are covered in one monthly rate. If drivers ever experience a problem, help is available from a network of more than 65,000 affiliated service centers nationwide.