A broken hydraulic hose can turn a routine repair on a commercial jobsite into an emergency response situation. A passing motorist in Bellingham, Wash., noticed a puddle of hydraulic oil from a ready-mix truck and phoned in the "emergency" situation to local authorities. Quicker than the driver could say, "Where's that mechanic?" police cars and fire trucks came to the scene. Sanding trucks were dispatched to soak up the fluid. Once the stuff was gathered up, it was delivered to a hazardous waste fill. Even though no citations were issued, guess who footed the bill? Since it's practically impossible to prevent broken hoses, the purchase of spill-response kits may be a good investment. Steve Cowden, operations manager at Cowden Gravel & Ready Mix, Bellingham, Wash., has made such an investment and hopes his new procedure also will eliminate customer callbacks. "We think it's a good advertisement of our company's commitment to the environment," Cowden says proudly.