Gauges, meters, radio hookups, and open plugs for electrical devices are being added with each truck upgrade. Big power surges can shorten the life of this equipment. Even though batteries may handle the full blast of recharging easily, power surges can compromise the service lives of other electrical components.

How much money could you save over four years if you never had to replace a headlamp? Using new engine technology just introduced in the marketplace, fleet managers now have a way to save thousands of dollars in minor repair costs.

Recently introduced Headlamp Life Extenders use a patented solid state electrical design that helps regulate a truck generator's DC at the proper range for electrical systems without affecting the battery's recharging capacity. The self-contained unit provides a "soft start" to light filaments, regulates their DC voltage, and eliminates voltage spikes.

Trucks equipped with Headlamp Life Extenders are projected to lengthen headlamp life by as much as 60%. Designed for the demands of the vocational construction market, the product's design also provides resistance to shock and vibration.

The article includes a list of six ways to reduce vehicle electrical repairs.