According to a study performed by Southwest Research Institute, an independent engine testing lab located in San Antonio, fleet managers should adopt a warmup approach for their diesel engines. When drivers pressurize their truck's lube system prior to starting, the oil coats component wear surfaces, minimizing metal-on-metal contact. Lab results indicate that engines equipped with oil-pressurizing systems can reduce startup wear by 50% to 60%, depending on ambient temperature and length of equipment shutdown prior to startup. Testing has revealed that oil-pressurizing systems minimize startup wear, even after only three seconds of operation. More significant engine starting-wear reduction rates were achieved after lube systems were pressurized for eight seconds. With 30 seconds of pressurization, connecting-rod bearing wear was reduced by 74%. Even off-the-road equipment benefits from oil-pressurizing systems. Article also shows a diagram of an oil-pressurizing system and how to use the system for a quick oil change. Keywords: oil, pressurizing, Prelub, RPM Industries