The Tews Company has written an operations and training program for powered industrial truck (fork lift) operators. The program meets OSHA standards and helps provide workers with a safe work environment. The training program covers all aspects of general operation of the trucks, and requires the trainee to operate under instructor supervision before certification. All operators will follow the general safety rules for the operation of powered industrial trucks, some of which appear here: When operating the truck with a load, keep the load as close to the floor or ground as possible. Don't let anyone stand or pass under the elevated portion of any truck, whether loaded or empty. Use an overhead guard to protect against falling objects. Wear hard hats while operating trucks. The driver is required to look in the direction of, and keep a clear view of, the path of travel. If the load obstructs forward view, travel with the load trailing (backwards). Under all travel conditions, operate the truck at a speed that permits it to be stopped safely. Handle only loads within the rated capacity of the truck.