More than 85 people attended a flowable fill seminar and live demonstration sponsored by Keys Concrete Co., of Odessa, Fla. The demonstration was one of six flowable fill demonstrations planned by the Florida Concrete & Products Association to educate contractors, engineers and specifiers about the benefits of flowable fill and train ready mix salespeople about its applications. Flowable fill is a low-strength, low-cost, highly workable material intended for use in place of compacted soil. It is typically used to fill abandoned pipelines, sinkholes, trenches, utility cuts, and empty underground storage tanks. The 45-minute presentation answered a wide range of questions about flowable fill. The demonstration included a precast 4x4x4-foot cube of flowable fill containing various sizes of PVC pipes to illustrate the material's ability to flow around small pipes and obtain excellent consolidation. The demonstration also consisted of placing flowable fill in a 45-foot-long trench with a 24-inch concrete pipe in it, with no need for excessive excavation or compaction equipment.