The new Hobart brand campaign — “It’s the tie that binds” — is celebrating the tie that binds science and people in an industry that is about getting jobs done right. From the filler metals customers use to the relationships developed on the journey to find the right filler metal solution, the campaign reflects the commitment and passion to helping customers make their projects a reality.

“Filler metals are more than just a component of welding. They are the very tie that binds Hobart customers with the creation of some of the most distinctive and instrumental things that impact the world in which we live — making our world a more secure, more dynamic and more exciting place. Having a connection to our customers is at the heart of the partnerships we create, and at the heart of our collaborative approach to welding,” said Rich Thompson, vice president of marketing Hobart. “Hobart is proud to be a part of every creation its products help customers bring to life.”

Filler metal customers visiting the new Hobart brand campaign site can begin the process of finding their individual welding solution one of three ways:

1) Request a free Hobart filler metal sample to experience firsthand ways to achieve faster, more productive welding.

2) Request to speak with a Hobart welding specialist, who can provide valuable feedback and product recommendations based on individual applications.

3) Request free product literature to help evaluate product specifications and more.
While visiting the site, filler metal customers can also learn about welding solutions found by other Hobart customers — including Bad Boy Mowers and more — via videos of their success stories. Customers can also find out about the newest Hobart filler metals to address their welding needs.


to request a free product sample.