There are some positive signs that our industry’s business climate is improving. I’m seeing more trucks delivering ready-mixed concrete, precast pipe, and bridge beams. Much of the flurry of activity is probably attributed the relatively decent fall weather we’ve been experiencing but I'm thinking things are better, even for next year.

In today’s industry news section we’ve presented three strong indicators of a strong 2015.  Here are an excerpt from each articles:

“U.S. engineering firm CEOs are feeling pretty good about Q3 2014… 65% reported higher backlogs compared to this time last year.”

“This surge in lot development will very likely result in an increase in the pace of home building next year.”

“Ready-mixed backlog at the end of the third quarter of 2014 was approximately 4.4 million cubic yards, up 16.4% compared to the end of the third quarter of 2013 and up 9.0% since the beginning of the year.”

For our next newsletter, I’ve been asked to prepare a short note with my prediction for 2015.

I’m looking for help. My question for your, is how are you feeling about 2015?  Give me some insights, phone me at 773-894-2492 or drop an email at