Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) has created a report entitled A Mechanistic-Empirical Tie Bar Design Approach for Concrete Pavements for the American Concrete Pavement Association. Larger tie bars limit the amount the longitudinal joint will open. By using the recommendations in the ARA report, perhaps we can increase the amount of drainage received from beneath the saw cut.

The Concrete Pavement Technology Program has issued a Tech Brief entitled Performance of Sealed and Unsealed Concrete Pavement Joints. The document has several conclusions including:

"Statistical analysis of low-severity spalling showed it to be significantly greater in the unsealed-joint sections than in the sealed-joint test sections for all three sealant types studied. Medium- and high-severity spalling, on the other hand, was higher (at a statistically significant level) in the sealed-joint sections with preformed sealants than in the unsealed-joint sections."

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