Today's ready mixed concrete producers have the ability to deliver many types of concrete to the jobsite. They can produce concrete that will perform just about any way they want it to. Making improved concrete is one thing; getting contractors to pay a premium for it is quite another. It is important to make sure that value-added concrete is properly marketed to the contractor. You should be paid for the value you deliver and not just for the materials. If only the materials are listed on the delivery slip, you are bound by the prices that your competitors are charging for similar products. The delivery slip should reinforce the fact that the buyers are receiving a value-added product and that a premium is justified by a lower in-place cost. Another important step is the coordination of sales, design, and delivery of the value-added concrete products. Successful repeat sales of value-added concrete require a total team effort to deliver the value promised. If promised quality is not delivered in a value-added product, the contractor is not likely to order a value-added product again. Education of the contractor on the proper installation of the value-added concrete is a very important factor. A contractor who makes mistakes in the installation of value-added concrete is likely to blame the product rather than his own miscalculations. The key to a contractor's heart is profit. Products will become more valuable when they provide less overhead and additional income for customers.