Hiring the wrong driver can cost a company thousands—even tens of thousands—of dollars annually. An in-depth, statistically based study of more than 100 top-performing drivers was conducted to share some insight that may help the producer to look into the crystal ball and locate, select, and keep top-performing drivers.

The study revealed the following indications about drivers.

  • A good source of drivers may be those with industry experience outside of driving.
  • The best drivers are made, not born.
  • Top-performing drivers are more comfortable with proven methods and accept direction.
  • Top-performing drivers are comfortable in social settings.
  • Satisfaction and pride are integral parts of being a driver.
  • The best drivers are in environments that encourage respect and courtesy.

The research also indicates how the producer can retain drivers.

  • Find individuals who don't mind the fact that driving can be a thankless job.
  • Drivers should not mind working amid chaos.