It might be too much to expect specifiers to get so excited about concrete that they'd crowd into your facility and climb on top of forms and forklifts to see your long-awaited demonstration of self-compacting concrete filling in voids around rebar inside a form without vibration. The fact that this scenario sounds so ridiculous speaks volumes about our industry's lack of marketing savvy.

The Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota (ARM) is addressing this problem by launching a Web site ( that's designed to educate the construction world and the public about concrete.

The site includes several links that provide quick access to basic information about concrete:

  • "Concrete 101"
  • "Applications"
  • "Aesthetics"
  • "Environment"
  • "History"
  • "Resources"

The site got more than 1300 visitors and 272,000 hits in less than six months.