For the last few days, there’s been a great deal of media coverage about how Congress is going to not only extend highway construction funding until April 2015, but also on the make-up of the new authorization bill itself. While how they do it may be under discussion, the fact is new roads will be built. With the economy improving, states and local jurisdictions will be hosting larger bid packages each month.

Roller-compact concrete (RCC) pavement technologies have been revised dramatically over the last decade. Our industry has continued to invest research on material design, testing procedures, and pavement design. There are hundreds of successful projects that are generating great service life data. And there’s a growing number of qualified concrete pavement contractors who are qualified to build with RCC.

If our industry is going to gain a larger percentage of the secondary and municipal pavement market, we must work to have RCC pavement not be limited to special or experimental paving projects.

This is why next month's NRMCA webinars on how to promote RCC pavement are so important. These free webinars are designed to update your new staff members and re-educate our industrial professionals on RCC pavements.

Promoting RCC pavements to municipalities and public works departments has been recognized by an active group of industry professionals. At World of Concrete in January, about 30 concrete professional met in an attempt to formalize a dedicated effort. The group sponsored RCC Live and in the next month or so will sponsor a special digital edition of Public Works magazine on RCC pavements.

If you would like to learn more about their efforts, contact Chris Carwie at AG Peltz Group,, or Corey Zollinger,