Selling the concept of concrete pavements to municipal officials is often tough. Reasons include: asphalt pavements are perceived to be less expensive due to underdesign in the past; politicians often want to build cheap roads that will only last long enough to get them reelected; and nobody has come forth with a good program to sell the advantages of concrete. The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), however, has launched a new program to help dispel the myths influencing the pavement market. ACPA has designed a well-thought-out marketing kit for ready mix concrete producers, cement companies, and contractors to use in promoting permanent pavements to civic officials and other road-building decision makers. Sara Stephens, director of communications for ACPA, designed the marketing kit after extensive research to determine the kind of tool needed to communicate most effectively to those making the specifying and buying decisions. Elements of the marketing kit are straightforward and easy to use. A simple introduction and instruction booklet accompanies each kit. Among other things, the kit contains items to conduct a creative direct-mail campaign.