My family knows not to count on me for much during the holiday season. While they are busy stringing holly, purchasing gifts, and enjoying the festive season, I’m dreaming of a World of Concrete.

It’s a family joke. They just shook their heads, when I told them I had to work this week. It’s not that I don’t enjoy housecleaning, setting tables, wrapping gifts, and all the other chores. I need to order concrete, complete speaker presentations, and finalize the bookstore set-up.

And this year's World of Concrete has been especially fun to plan. First of all, it’s our 40th Anniversary, and there’s the planning that goes along with these extra celebratory events. Second, we have added a host of industry related activities that reflect the renewed spirit of optimism that is just starting to permeate your budgets. And third, there’s an intense call for industry action, from marketing initiatives to research, coming together in a few weeks at your show.

So I’ve opted to use the information found in this first post-Christmas commentary as a way to verify to my family that I’m really busy.

Check The Concrete Producer e-newsletter for news items regarding the new 2014 World of Concrete events. And if that wasn’t proof enough, here are links to the World of Concrete Pre-Show Planner, Most Innovative Product Award program, and SCC Live Paper presentations.

Hopefully when you click through all these activities, you’ll agree with me that our planning has been fruitful. And perhaps you’ll recognize why the 2014 World of Concrete is important to your business, and opt to attend.

I’m going to wait a day or two before I forward this note to my family. If I time things right, I can have a great excuse not to be involved in packing up all the decorations.

Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy this holiday season, as we look forward to the concrete industry’s improving health in 2014.