PP plastic coated plywood formwork offers users an effective method to increase jobsite efficiency and improved surface quality. These reusable forms have three sizes: 915x1830mm (3’x6’), 1220x2440mm (4’x8’), 1250x2500mm. Using a poplar wood core, the panels are offered in four basic thicknesses - 12mm (1/2-in.), 15mm (3/5-in.) , 18mm (3/4-in.) , 21mm (7/8-in.).

Square Circle Formwork is a brand made by Shandong Fangyuan Building Materials Co.,Ltd. The manufacturer offers innovative products for concrete forming, such as PP plastic plywood, circular column formwork, column formwork, and special formwork. They have received ISO9001 certification.

For more information, www.scformwork.com.

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