A proposed ASTM International standard would be used by engineers, concrete producers and testing agencies to measure electrical resistance in fresh concrete. Participants are welcome to join the new task group that is developing this standard (WK50586, Practice for Measuring the Electrical Resistance of Fresh Concrete).

The new standard is intended to show how to sample fresh concrete, prepare a specimen for evaluation and conduct the measurements. The measurements would provide valuable information on water-to-cement ratios, initial setting time, compressive strength and overall quality.

ASTM member Dale P. Bentz, a chemical engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, says that electrical resistance measurements of fresh concrete are becoming more common.

Noting that concrete is used extensively around the world, Bentz says, "Assuring the quality and performance of concrete is critical to strong infrastructure. These metrics are critical to scheduling construction projects such as finishing and form work removal, as well as verifying consistency of ready-mix concrete."

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