Construction on Miami's new planetarium has been an exercise in logistics. Gizmodo recently profiled the project, highlighting the unique nature of the design.

Unlike most planetariums, which are constructed inside an existing building that serves as a structural framework, the museum’s concrete orb will support itself — which made constructing it a logistical challenge.

Think of it as re-assembling an orange that you’ve already peeled. The main structure of the orb is made up of 32 concave pieces of concrete, each of which weighs 23,000kg. First, the team at Skanska had to set up the orange’s fake “core”, a metal tower that would serve as the stabilising element as the skin was put into place. Then, the company explains, each massive section was lifted carefully into place by a 500-tonne hydraulic crane.

Skanska's construction team behind the project, worked 24 hours over more than a week to complete the job.

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