When the eastbound Interstate-10 Tex Wash Bridge failed during a major storm, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) knew that they had to act fact to fix the critical bridge that connects drivers traveling between California and Arizona.

Caltrans set a two month timeline for the rebuild and chose Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) in order to fast track the process. This process requires prefabricating as a many bridge components as possible to minimize road closures and traffic disruptions, promote traffic and worker safety, and improve the overall quality and durability of bridges.

Caltrans made the installation of the bridge possible to do in two weekends by designing it as a modular precast concrete system. Old Castle Precast was brought on to the project by Granite Construction to manufacture two precast concrete bridge abutments, cast in four segments measuring 6-foot by 6-foot by 20-foot long, four precast concrete wing walls measuring 18.5-foot by 1-foot by 9-foot tall and ten prestressed box girders measuring 4-foot by 3.5-foot by 105-foot long.

Thanks to the work of the three parties, Caltrans completed the process earlier than their deadline and for less than their budget.