Metromont Materials Corp. has constructed a special garden on the grounds of its Spartanburg, S.C. precast plant. Instead of showing off flowers or shrubs, this garden shows off products produced by Metromont's Spartanburg and other plants. Inside the acre area are many unusual items--at least for a garden. Concrete pipe, culverts, pavers, architectural precast, block, and decorative walls display concrete products used by architects and engineers. The garden was the idea of president Dick Pennell, who wanted an area where the company could show off all its products. The garden was designed by a Columbia, S.C., landscape architect. The company tried to include every shape, color, and pattern it makes in the product display. Some highlights of the garden include a Japanese-style entrance made of prestressed double-tees, a fountain made out of concrete pipes, and highway right-of-way markers as light posts.