A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a report of the materials or ingredient contents of a building product and its associated health effects. In a recent report, NPCA has shown that precast concrete rates high, and now it's time to make sure that the information is getting out.

Precast concrete contains little-to-negligible levels of VOCs. That level can be controlled by careful selection of low-emitting form releases, curing compounds, damp proofing materials and sealants ... yet manufacturers must be prepared to provide documentation to support this claim. The amount of requests for HPDs is growing. In fact, an NPCA member was asked for an HPD earlier this year. Don’t be caught off guard.

In discussing the need for this greater transparency, NPCA's report cites a McGraw Hill report titled “The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings,” which notes that in the coming years, building health is going to have an even greater impact on design. Read More