Through the Building Blocks of Change initiative, Ernest Maier, Inc. has teamed up with The Conservation Fund's Go Zero Program to help address climate change and habitat loss. Together, they are asking members of the masonry and construction industries to contribute.

For each regular masonry unit or architectural concrete masonry unit purchased from Ernest Maier, customers can donate 8/10 of one cent ($0.008) toward offsetting the CO2 emissions produced during the concrete manufacturing process. Similarly, for each square foot of concrete unit pavers, customers can donate one cent ($0.01), and for each square face foot of segmental retaining wall, customers can donate two cents ($0.02) toward offsetting CO2 emissions.

With these funds, The Conservation Fund will plant native trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges across the nation. Ernest Maier pledges to match every customer donation, dollar for dollar, to lay the "building blocks of change" that will clean air, filter water, and preserve wildlife habitats.

Visit to learn more about GoZero.