The $1 billion MGM Grand Hotel, currently under construction in Las Vegas, is utilizing precast concrete on a massive scale. A.T. Curd Builders of Glendale, Calif. is the precaster and erector for the project, and Harmon Contract of Minnesota is providing glass and aluminum. The design required 18,131 pieces of precast. A. T. Curd has two precast plants supplying products: the Soldier Creek Co. in North Las Vegas and the Niobrara River Co. in Rialto, Calif. The Soldier Creek plant cast the hollowcore, interior walls and exterior frames, and the Niobrara River plant cast columns, beams, girders and other miscellaneous pieces. The plans called for 12-foot-wide hollowcore plank for the floors and ceilings to eliminate visible seams in the ceiling. A. T. Curd established a relationship with Dynamold of Salina, Kan., to build two specialty hollowcore machines. The precast panels on the outside are painted to look like aluminum or glass curtainwall, using a three-coat process.