The National Precast Concrete Association Safety Awards are sponsored by the association's Safety, Health and Environmental committee to honor companies that have made a commitment to providing a safe working environment. These companies also constantly educate their employees about the importance of following safety rules and guidelines. Awards are presented to companies that achieve the highest levels of safety as measured by U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for reportable/recordable injuries and illnesses.

The highest level award is the Outstanding Safety Award, presented to manufacturers with zero reportable/recordable injuries during the previous year. The Distinguished Safety Award is presented to companies that report a zero lost-time rate during the year. Member companies that report exemplary safety records receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

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Outstanding Safety Awards

More than 200,000 Hours of No Reportable Injuries Hartford Concrete Products

Hartford City, Ind.

140,001 to 200,000 Hours Concrete Systems Inc.

Hudson, N.H.

Sherman Dixie Concrete Inc.

Dayton, Ohio

80,001 to 140,000 Hours Hanson Pipe & Precast