When New Jersey developer Sydney Sussman of Nexus Properties turned to High Concrete Structures Inc., of Denver, PA, to build a parking structure in Trenton, N.J., he wanted a building that was structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Budget and building time were also important factors. High Concrete's solution to meeting these requirements was to use the design/build process--a process in which developer, engineer, and precaster all work together to achieve common objectives. This process enabled the Station Plaza Parking Garage to be erected in only three months. Engineering recommendations made by High Concrete were instrumental in reducing total piece count and joints and in ensuring proper drainage methods. For increased stability, 30-foot interior shear walls, and 10,000 psi rather than 5,000 psi concrete was used for the garage. By providing a 12-foot-wide double tee system, rather than the couventional 10-foot-wide member, High Concrete could erect typical 36x60-foot bays using fewer pieces and joints. A highly architectural look for the garage was achieved by sandblasting surface panels to expose aggregate.