Scott Long’s interest in developing a systematic approach to standardizing wall panel construction has a strong family connection. He is a second-generation concrete innovator.

His family has developed energy-efficient building materials for concrete construction, subscribing to the family mantra, “There are always better solutions.”

Long’s father, Robert (Bob) T. Long, was an inventor and entrepreneur his entire life. The elder Long began his career in aeronautical design and materials in the 1960’s, working under Dr. Alexander Lippisch, a German aeronautical engineer most famous for his work on the Messerschmitt Me 163. His lifework focused on plastics, injection molding, foam insulation, and eventually, advanced composite materials for construction.

In the early 1980s, the elder Long developed the THERMOMASS Building System in the family’s garage and founded Composite Technologies Corp. Over the next 35 years, THERMOMASS helped set the industry standard for insulated concrete by using non-conductive advanced composite materials. The system has insulated millions of square feet of buildings, including several well-known facilities such as Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, and NASA.