The Multifamily Construction Advisory Committee (MCAC) is and Illinois trade association which combines the efforts of the concrete and masonry industries to legislate use and increase sales of masonry walls and precast flooring systems in multifamily housing. MCAC uses personal contact, promotional literature, and seminars to encourage local officials to legislate a 2-hour fire resistance compartmental specification. MCAC targets the most influential person in local government and informs them of the benefits of upgrading building standards. Once legislation is passed, MCAC continues to work to promote masonry and concrete materials to assure 2-hour fire resistance. MCAC's approach to promoting their system is a three step process: 1. Regular promotional mailings are sent to a list of more than 22,000 construction and public officials. 2. Seminars are offered to the public, and especially public officials. 3. Ed Pell, an MCAC employee, knows the codes and can make informed recommendations to information seekers.