Spancrete, Waukesha, Wis., is taking part in the North American Precast Concrete Sustainable Plant Program. All of Spancrete’s plants will participate in this effort to enhance the environmental and economic performance of the entire precast industry.

The program challenges facilities to proactively set higher goals of efficiency and waste reduction, and not simply adhere to basic federal regulations. The program aims to help the precast industry “reduce the environmental impact at the manufacturing level while creating a culture of sustainability within the industry.” This initiative combines the efforts of the National Precast Concrete Association, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, and the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI).

Member plants receive a web-based software program that allows them to monitor their performance. Energy efficiency is crucial, but it is only a part of the program. It also covers dust and noise control, water consumption, and waste production.

“This isn’t just about Spancrete, it’s about the whole precast industry,” says Alan Antoniewicz, Spancrete’s president and chief operating officer. “We’re joining together to not only improve our business, but also our communities and the environment. It’s truly gratifying to be a part of this effort.”

Plants will report their tracked results quarterly, which are then published in the North American Precast Concrete Sustainability Report. The CPCI has reported results for two years, and the U.S. will begin reporting this year.