"Freebies"--the little items given away to let customers know you are thinking of them and to remind them to think of you--are used almost universally throughout the concrete industry. For the most part, they help to make smaller contractors feel appreciated and help maintain name recognition. Baseball caps and pens or pencils were the most popular items concrete producers give away. Calendars are good reminders because they are used nearly every day of the year. Tickets to sporting events and golf passes are among the favorite freebies of customers. Whatever the promotional item you choose for your operation, it should stand out. A premium quality pen or slickly designed t-shirt will be easily remembered and frequently used. Using promotional items in conjunction with special events often yields excellent results. A useful item, such as a clipboard printed with handy conversion and testing information will get repeated use, and positive associations with the company that supplies it. Educational promotions such as seminars, magazines, and workshops can help too. By fostering greater knowledge of the industry, these educational promotions can increase quality as well as business. Gift subscriptions to industry publications and transportation to industry expositions can also have wide benefits.