The ability to get excited about your products or ideas and, in turn, convey this enthusiasm to others is what makes a promotion effort successful. In order to promote concrete parking lots and streets, the following steps should be undertaken. Know your market: promoters must know all aspects of concrete paving in order to communicate ideas and convince the customer to try a product. Organizations such as ACI, PCA, NRMCA, and ACPA can help provide this information. Promotion means educating the buyers. Inform prospective buyers of the pros and cons of asphalt and concrete, and they are more likely to choose concrete. Make sure to tailor your education to what the specific person needs to know. Promote specific projects. Find leads in publications, at meetings and conferences. Follow up on leads and ask for concrete paving to be specified, or included as an alternative for asphalt. Be sure to be able to back up your request with explainations.