Concrete pipe-making machines are the key piece of equipment in a concrete pipe plant. It is important to make sure that the machine you purchase is reliable, productive, and capable of producing high-quality products consistently. Flexibility is important when selecting a pipe-making machine. Find out what range of products the machine can produce, and keep in mind that the demands you make on it in the future might not be the same as the demands you make on it today. Does the machine have the flexibility to produce new products without costly modification, upgrading or replacement? Some machines are capable of producing only one type of product at a time. Others can produce a wide assortment at the same time. Consider both types of machine and decide which is best for your particular operation. Ensure that the machine you decide on is able to work well with existing plant machinery like mixers, feeders and cranes. Look for features that add accessibility to frequently used components. Make sure that vibrators are easy to access and that they can easily be removed and installed. Other aspects to consider include: What features does the vibration system have? How simple is the machine? How must the machine be installed? What electronic controls does the machine have? How do electronic controls aid maintenance?