The concrete industry and most other industries are under pressure to gain better control over their waste streams. This industry hasn't been negligent, however. For years, we have incorporated various technologies for dust suppression and collection and reclaiming ready-mix. Unfortunately, these conservation efforts don't prevent many operations from continuing to dump on the back of their lots. The "washout mountain" takes up unnecessary space and can be an environmental hazard, usually necessitating costly removal. But there is another option: recycling the concrete by crushing and screening. This not only solves the problem of disposal, but creates a product that can be sold as a road base. Some producers also accept concrete from demolition work to their recycling program. The amount of money saved by recycling instead of hauling concrete away is quite significant. The cost of excavation and hauling 40,000 tons of concrete totals around $138,000 while the cost of crushing the same amount and then selling the recycled material at $4 a ton comes to only $40,000. There is even a margin for profit if the market for recycled concrete will support higher prices.