Selecting the right batching system benefits producers in to ways. First, the right system will make production more efficient. Second, it will help produce better quality concrete. Electronic batching provides such essentials as consistent quality, printed batch tickets, and accurate records. A strategic concern is that a batching system be expandable. Simply put, does the batching system under consideration allow you to expand beyond stand-alone batching and communicate with your sales, accounting and dispatch departments? Expandability should also apply to the system vendor. A producer should have confidence that the vendor has the vision and staying power to keep pace with changes in the industry and technology. A well-designed batching system can also make the batchman more efficient. Instead of being weighed down by the tasks of proportioning and weighing mixes, the batchman has freedom to actively manage the efficiency of the entire batching operation, eliminating slow-down during peak periods. In order for this to take place, the software must interface well with the batchman. Factors such as ease of use, quality documentation, and technical support are important to this relationship.