Sales organizations in the 1990's must strive to be successful in a more competitive environment. The cost to employ a sales professional can easily surpass $60,000. If the sales person sells $1 million in concrete annually, the sales cost is 6%. This raises the question: How many customers would take advantage of the opportunity of not having a salesperson if you offered them a 6% discount instead? In order for salespeople to be effective, they must sell value and help raise prices. Salespeople must be effective marketers, but they must promote new products, bring in new customers, and understand the customer's business. Traditional sales techniques rely heavily on relationships and social interaction to build sales. Successful salespeople in the 1990's must learn to be consultive, rather than friendly, in their approach. They must bring leads, technical help, and other valuable services to the customer. Superior construction products must be marketed to the actual building or home owner rather than just the contractor to effectively sell value-added products. They should be prepared to put a stronger sales effort toward selling a value-added product, as opposed to a commodity.