In order to increase profits by selling value-added concrete, there are a few simple rules that producers should follow. Ask for the order. Convincing a homeowner to use value added concrete can be as simple as that, if the price is less than the alternatives. Know the advantages of concrete and know how to tell potential customers about them. It is unlikely that the homeowner will know the facts about different products. Therefore it is up to the builder or producer to convince them of the advantages of value added concrete. Look for opportunities to increase profits. "Value-added" may be something as simple as providing a written guarantee of certain aspects of concrete performance. It can also mean using more concrete on a given job, or using a proprietary mixture that has desirable characteristics. Let homeowners know about their options. Promoting decorative or specialty concrete, such as patios, pool decks, driveways, and sidewalks, provides an excellent opportunity for contractors, builders, and producers to increase profits. Work smart--don't give away profits. Think of time- and money-saving methods of elminiating costly and unnecessary steps. Know what works and do it again. Pay attention to what has been effective in the past and implement those methods in the future.