When you look at the old mixer on display on Washington Island, you're reminded it wasn't that long ago when much of the concrete produced in the US was site mixed.

This is especially true in India. I was told that ready-mixed concrete accounted for about less than 15% of cement usage. Precast and block useage wasn't that much higher. But there is a growing group of engineers and contractors who want this to change.

At last year's event, attendees were asking questions about precast concrete production, ready-mixed concrete quality control techniques, and performance mix designs. It seems that many contractors want to change the current practices and adopt more productive procedures.

So when World of Concrete – India returns to Hyderabad in November, we are presenting a seminar on North American concrete production systems. I’m want to outline the current status of concrete production in North America. I plan to profile several recently erected production plants. I’d like to profile ready-mixed concrete, pipe production, wet-cast precast, block, and hollowcore operations.

I’m hoping you’d be interested in sharing recent plant upgrades with me to include in this presentation.

If you’re interested, please contact me at ryelton@hanleywood.com.