The cream of Internet search engines is rising to the top, and two in particular should help you find any concrete industry information that exists in cyberspace. Google has really established itself as the premier non-ISP search engine in the past few years, and Teoma is the upstart challenger.

Google uses a proprietary system of ranking results according to the number of links a given page has. So a page that is linked to a highly ranked page in many similar searches also gets a higher ranking. Google also uses a proprietary text-matching feature to increase the relevance of results.

Teoma is a relatively new search engine that means "expert" in Gaelic. About a year ago it was purchased by another leading search engine company, Ask Jeeves. It is designed to provide quality over quantity. It uses a proprietary "Subject-Specific Popularity" technology that ranks results according to the number of other referred pages that are categorized by the same subject.

Although searches sometimes can be convoluted, these search engines usually work well.