Rock Hill Materials managers know the value, not to mention dollars, tilt-up construction has brought to their market. Three years ago, the ready-mix producer was involved in one of Allentown, Pa.'s first tilt-up projects. Since then, Rock Hill has added two warehouse/industrial projects to its portfolio, one 527,000 square feet and the other 800,000 square feet. Christopher Henn, quality control manager for Rock Hill, a Catasauqua, Pa.-based producer, says tilt-up offers producers "good" sales, allowing efficient deliveries that maximize truck use and plant production capacity. For example, on the 800,000-square-foot project, Rock Hill was able to place 1,000 cubic yards in a single pour. And the producer's marketing opportunities don't end at the structure's walls. Many ready-mix producers find that an owner of a concrete tilt-up facility is more receptive to a concrete driveway, parking lot or access road. Market penetration According to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, the amount of U.S. tilt-up in 1996 increased 12.4% over 1995 figures. In 1996 U.S. contractors built 145,002,000 square feet of tilt-up panels, compared with 128,950,000 a year earlier. Producers' and contractors' knowledge of how to incorporate integral color and surface treatments into tilt-up is also growing, as is owners' and architects' realization of the aesthetic potential. (This is also relatively safe work, which requires no scaffolding.) Because large quantities of concrete are discharged quickly, contractors can minimize the time that ready-mix trucks spend on the jobsite. In fact, major pours are often discharged early in the morning, allowing normal routes during the day. Promotional resources Because the recent low-rise commercial construction boom has increased competition for a share of this sector, more contractors and producers need marketing support. Technical assistance for producers and their customers is available through various industry organizations (TCA, PCA, NRMCA). Your best bet is to express your interest in tilt-up to your existing network of contractors, developers, architects and engineers.