Theoretically, every producer can supply concrete for decorative projects. However, few producers seek out the work and make sure their customers get the right training in finishing techniques. As with any market, the producer has to drive the growth of decorative flatwork. A few producers have seen enough potential in decorative flatwork to use a comprehensive program to grow the market. Their programs include three major components:

  • Selecting one manufacturer of decorative materials and tools and counting on its marketing and technical support
  • Dedicating at least one member of the sales force to selling decorative projects
  • Promoting decorative concrete directly to specifiers and property owners

Partnering with contractors on value-added decorative concrete means more than just selling materials and tools. Promotion-minded producers say partnering contractors must be willing to undergo training in the various techniques for creating decorative flatwork. These producers' biggest impediment to success is competitors who don't execute a promotion plan as complete as theirs--or don't have a plan at all. The article also covers formation of the Decorative Concrete Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors and slight mix-design adjustments for decorative concrete. Keywords: decorative, flatwork, promotion, Chaney, Increte of the Ozarks, Cadman, Decorative Concrete Council, DCC, Artcrete, Concrete Solutions, Increte, Scofield, Specialty Concrete Products, Super Stone