Each year at World of Concrete, manufacturers introduce their newest innovations. Below are those products that are included in the Concrete Production Equipment category.

Then at the show, you can vote for the products you feel are most innovative. Ballots will be available at WOC. Displays of all of the products will be in the Grand Concourse and a list will be in your Program Guide. You also can visit each manufacturer's website for further details.

If you do not plan to visit the show, you can still participate. Go to www.votemip.com to choose the products you think are truly innovative.

Eliminate Slurry Problems

GelMaxx DuroGel is a green, all organic solidifier which helps contractors save time, money, labor costs, and the environment by absorbing concrete slurry waste easily and efficiently The solidifier is non-sticky and dries to a moist granule feel. It passes the EPA 9095B Paint Filter Test which means the waste is landfill ready and can be disposed of in any standard trash can or dumpster depending on its contents. It is non-clay based, highly absorbent, and is also clean and environmentally friendly. GelMaxx. 619-701-7246. www.slurryexcesswaterman-agementsolutions.com [WOC Booth O31353]

pH Control System

The Model 5000 Series pH Control System features the patent-pending Dif-Jet carbon dioxide diffusion/injection device that is highly efficient for adding gases such as carbon dioxide to water with high solids. The device uses much less carbon dioxide than older technology like spargers (bubblers) or diffusers. Also, the Dif-Jet device does not clog with the solids found in process or storm water. The system is safer and less expensive to purchase and operate than acid-based pH-neutralization systems. Fortrans Inc. 919-365-8004. www.fortransinc.com [WOC Booth N761]

Portable Twin Shaft Mixer

The Mobile Twin Shaft combines the simplicity of dry-batch plants with the superior mixing quality of a twin shaft mixer. The mixer is installed on a mobile trailer unit and placed under a dry-mix plant for batching and mixing. A standard recipe requires only 30 seconds of mixing time. Mixed concrete is discharged onto a concrete discharge belt, which loads directly into a dump or mixer truck. No special modifications are required to the dry-mix plant. Liebherr Concrete Technology. 757-928-8547. www.liebherr.com [WOC Booth N137]

Move What You Want

The Load Warrior three-wheeled workhorse delivers stability, maneuverability, efficiency, and versatility. Concrete work is all about moving heavy loads across tricky terrain and into restricted spaces. With improved engineering, it excels in less than ideal conditions, and its powerful hydraulic drive can negotiate even the most demanding terrain. With its low to the ground delivery, it efficiently delivers payloads without splash or mess. Load Warrior Inc. 630-519-3036. www.theloadwarrior.com [WOC Booths C6785,O31566]

Consistent Ready-Mix

The Concrete MD is the first mixer specifically designed to produce consistent ready-mixed concrete in the poorest and most remote regions of the world. The MD replaces mixing on the ground with shovels and provides a way to mix consistent batches using only limited local resources. A unique auger design and calibrated batching buckets make the MD the cure for challenging concrete projects. Cart-Away Concrete System Inc. 800-909-9809. www.theconcretemd.com. [WOC Booth N1458]