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We have compiled a definitive list of websites and contact information for a wide-range of concrete associations, access the info here.


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  • Sky High

    In 2013, global wind power capacity reached 318,105 megawatts (MW). That’s enough energy to meet the electricity needs of more than 500 million people. As the number of wind turbines across the world continues to increase each year, so does the need for units designed to maximize energy production...
  • Watertightness of Precast Concrete

    By Claude Goguen, P.E., LEED AP If someone asked you to name the greatest duos of all time, you might say Penn and Teller, Simon and Garfunkel or Ben and Jerry. But what about hydrogen and oxygen? Water is the result of the bonding of one oxygen atom to two hydrogen atoms, and none of […]
  • The Many Faces of Precast

    By Sue McCraven Seen or unseen, precast concrete is everywhere. Underground products such as manholes, utility vaults and pipe serve as the backbone of global infrastructure systems, often out of plain sight. Above ground, precast concrete functions as the centerpiece of some of the most...
  • High-Class Precast

    By Mason Nichols As the age-old expression goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” For some, precast concrete’s beauty lies in its ability to be used for any application imaginable, from roadwork to stormwater systems and beyond (1). Others find beauty in the material’s sheer strength...
  • Firmly Planted

    By Shari Held Boasting nearly 9 million visitors annually, Chicago’s Navy Pier is one of the Midwest’s top attractions. It’s home to Pier Park, the Children’s Museum, the Pepsi Skyline Stage and a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Soon, thanks to the installation of 59 massive precast concrete...
  • A Sweet and Serious Business

    By Sue McCraven Gingerbread man cookies, brown sugar, citric acid and a good rum cocktail. What do these products have in common? They all contain a sweet fluid made predominantly from processing sugar cane: molasses. Molasses is an important commodity; however, if improperly stored, it can be bad...


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