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We have compiled a definitive list of websites and contact information for a wide-range of concrete associations, access the info here.


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  • Challenge Question and Answer

    Question: Calculate the location of the center of the structure shown below: Answer:  X, Y and Z axis set on the back left outside corner of the tank shown below:   Outside Tank Volume  96 in x 42 in x 48 in           193536 in3 Inside Tank Volume     88 […]
  • Kie-Con Inc. Precasts a California Record

    Kie-Con Inc., a manufacturer of precast/prestressed products headquartered in Antioch, California, has broken a California record. The company manufactured the state’s largest-ever precast super girders at 160 ft long and 78 in. tall. The girders were used to replace and widen the Porter...
  • Precast Industry Growth Topped 5% in 2013

    Precast Industry Growth Topped 5% in 2013 According to NPCA Benchmarking Report Tracking closely with the overall growth in the construction industry, the precast concrete sector grew by 5.2% in 2013, with total sales of $16.2 billion, according to the NPCA Benchmarking Report, an annual report...
  • The Infrastructure People

    In a recent blog post, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates highlighted the ubiquity of concrete across the world and specifically asked his readers, “Have you hugged a concrete pillar today?” As Gates points out, concrete has been instrumental in the expansion of cities across the globe over the past...
  • Oldcastle Manufactures Record-Length Concrete Girders

    Oldcastle Precast-Perris, California, has manufactured the largest and heaviest precast/prestressed concrete super girders the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) has ever set and placed for a bridge undercrossing. General Contractor Security Paving, located in Sylmar, California...
  • It’s Still Broken

    Congress passed a $10.8 billion highway bill before adjourning for the summer and President Obama signed it, so it looks like the nation’s highway maintenance and construction will be funded through May 2015. But it’s kind of like wrapping a bandage around a busted arm. Make no mistake, this system...


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