• Producer to Watch: Delaware Valley Concrete

    This concrete producer rolled out its first ready-mix truck powered entirely by compressed natural gas, making it the first to own and operate a CNG mixer in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

  • Family-run Producer Establishes Presence in the U.S.

    By bringing together outstanding equipment, technology, and innovative techniques, Supermix meets and exceeds customers' quality and service expectations.

  • Family-owned producer expands operations.

    Molalla Redi-Mix & Rock Products is a small family-owned producer that knows the value of its employees.

  • Left to right, Jeff Davis, Ryan Henkensiefken, and Mike Donovan have helped Central Concrete Supply lead the industry in developing Environmental Product Declarations.

    Influencer: Central Concrete Supply Co.

    The San Jose, Calif., producer leads the nation in developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs disclose environmental data such as carbon emissions, water use, and embodied energy.

  • Jason Weiss, Ph.D., teaches civil engineering at Purdue University and leads research to prevent one of concretes greatest plaguescracking. Photo: Purdue University

    Influencer: Jason Weiss

    Jason Weiss' internal curing research reveals small changes that result in big improvements. For more than a decade, Weiss and his Purdue University students have worked to improve concrete with internal curing.

  • David Biggs, P.E., S.E. of Biggs Consulting Engineering invites masonry product producers to join the National Building Information Modeling for Masonry Initiative, to be sure they have a place at the table, when this industry-changing technology goes into effect.

    Influencer: David Biggs

    David Biggs is a leader in securing a spot for masonry in the expanding world of Building Information Modeling (BIM). He is the coordinator of the Building Information Modeling for Masonry Initiative, known as BIM-M.

  • Southern California-based Robertson's Ready Mix operates more than 40 ready-mix plants and 12 aggregates facilities.

    Producer to Watch: Robertson's Ready Mix

    Robertson's Ready Mix is a family-owned business with great community ties.

  • Titan America's appropriately-named truck, Pinky, was painted its titular color in support of the Pink Ribbon foundation.

    Titan America Stresses Social Initiatives

    Titan America stands out through its work on environmental issues, community outreach, and wildlife preservation.

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    Concrete as a Value Proposition

    The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub takes to the streets.

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    Taking Orders

    Jim Wagner wrote the book on ready-mix dispatch.

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    Check It Out

    All of these industries have or will have check-off programs, if Major Ogilvie has anything to do with it.

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    Wielding Influence

    D. Gene Daniel watches out for the interests of the little guy.

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    A Mind for Math

    Bill Allen is the father of modern valuation theory.

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    Tuning People in to Concrete

    Jerry Larson is a leader in promoting roller-compacted concrete.

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    Industry Leader of the Year: Tom Daniel

    Leader has been a key proponent of Vision 2020.

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    TCP's 2010 Influencers: Heavenly Research

    We honor three men who are dedicated to promoting concrete's best qualities: Godwin Amekuedi, champion of P2P and concrete's sustainability, Canan D'Avela and David Goodyear.

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    Shepherd of Concrete Sustainablity

    Long before it became fashionable to be green, J.C. Roumain was urging our industry to accept its responsibility regarding environmental stewardship.

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    Gaining Acceptance

    Dr. Kamal Khayat leads the way in research that is making SCC mainstream.

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    TCP recognizes three men who have helped the concrete industry make important strides in education, sustainability, and research. Bruce Ingram helped launch the CIM program in the South. We also honor Kamal Khayat and J.C. Roumain.

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    5 Re-Former Promotes Sustainable ICFS

    During Patrick Murphy's eight years as president of American PolySteel, he led the Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) manufacturer and the industry, into a new era of green building.


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