The Apex Block made from recycled material
Panels have finished look

The Tuftex PVC white liner, designed for use on interior ICF walls and ceilings, measures 38 inches wide and comes in lengths up to 24 feet, 2 inches. The lightweight, durable panels are easy to cut, install, and clean, giving a finished look to interior ICF structures. 800-777-7663. Tallant Industries Inc.

Better thermal mass

The R-32 ICF wall system combines a 2¼-inch regular panel on the interior with a 4¼-inch plus panel on the exterior. This uneven configuration shifts the thermal center closer to the interior of the structure, allowing concrete's thermal mass to better moderate the inside temperature. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd. 888-711-5625.

Bracing for tall ICF walls

The Plumwall Commercial modular bracing system supports ICF walls up to 24 feet using three stacking components. Each 8-foot module includes a ladder that functions as a strong-back and an outer brace that is extended to the base. A platform can be installed with safety railings to comply with local codes. Plumwall Ltd. 905-706-7586.

Strengthened corner forms

The Logix Corner Forms feature a new web design that increases durability and strength. The web is a solid piece of polypropylene plastic consisting of a horizontal tie and vertical furring tabs connected at each end, providing greater fastener holding strength. This newly enhanced ICF corner form is engineered to resist higher impact loads, eliminating the need for additional support at wall corners. Logix Insulated Concrete Forms. 888-415-6449.

Cleaner, quieter homes

PolySteel ICFs provide design flexibility and structural integrity in three formwork products—the PS 4000 Flat Wall, PS 3000 Waffle Grid, and the PolyPro 4000 KD Flat Wall. They reduce air infiltration, provide insulation values from R-30 to R-50, keep noise out, and feature a minimum four-hour Class A fire rating. American PolySteel LLC. 800-977-3676.

Composite ICF

Perform Wall is a composite ICF system made from 85% post-consumer polystyrene and 15% cement, admixtures, and water. Designed for building grid-type ICF walls, the form panels are 10 ft. long and available in 15- and 30-inch widths; an end panel is also available. The system can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. Perform Wall LLC. 800-761-8590.

ICF options

Three new block shapes expand the options contractors have for above-grade ICF wall systems, including the new 4-inch straight block. The 90-degree corner block and 45-degree angle block have an extended long leg for twice as much overlap as similar, wider core blocks. All feature a 2 5/8-inch thick EPS panel. Fox Blocks, Div. of Airlite Plastics Co. 877-369-2562.

ICF accessories

The Arxx Hook and Claw are two new accessories for ICF construction. The Hook anchors the top course to the one below it, eliminating vertical form movement during concrete placement. The Claw helps square and plumb the wall right from the start, snapping into place over the webs. Arxx Building Products. 800-293-3210.

Stands up to internal vibration

Amvic ICFs feature the unique, fully reversible FormLock interlocking system. One-inch grooves provide connection strength that eliminates gluing or taping. The panels remain straight and plumb, require less bracing, and can withstand internal vibration. Amvic Building System. 877-470-9991.