December 2007 Table of Contents

Walk the WOC

Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Jan. 21–25, WOC 2008 is the largest trade show in the industry, with more than 1700 exhibitors. Catering to contractors, manufacturers, and industry professionals, there is something for everyone. Read more

A Record of Service

For about 10 years, Steve Parker has focused much of his professional life on about 21,200 words of text that defines how ready-mixed concrete is manufactured and delivered to a customer in its freshly mixed and non-hardened state. Read more

Casting Characters

This year Top Influencers will receive unique awards symbolizing the industry they so effectively promote. Read more

A Room Full of Believers A Room Full of Believers

Once again, the women attending World of Concrete can take a breather from the show and enjoy good food and the company of their fellow “women in concrete” at the annual Women in Concrete Luncheon and Forum. Read more

Sounding Off

Noise pollution has become a significant issue in communities across the nation. Naturally, it follows that more money than ever is being spent on decorative concrete soundwalls to play a greater role in noise abatement near airports, commercial developments, and in residential neighborhoods. Read more

Ideas to Help Shed Light

To protect against tree limbs and other impacting objects, lighting manufactures offer raised brush guards or deflector mounts. Some have found ways to make lighting fixtures smaller without losing brightness. Read more

Out of the Darkness Fleet Factors Out of the Darkness

Along with all the other rules you need to know, there are two guidelines for adequate truck lighting. Read more

Producers' Center of the Universe Producers' Center of the Universe

With so many exhibitors and so little time, producers can make things easier on themselves by spending extra time at the Producer Center in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year more than 200 exhibitors will show off their admixtures, batch plants, and other products and services geared especially for concrete producers. Read more

Looking to 2008 and Beyond

Top economists and analysts will share their expertise during THE CONCRETE PRODUCER's Economic Summit at World of Concrete. Read more

Step Up to the Challenge

The Mack Truck's Driving Skills Challenge and the John Deere Load America competition will transform the Orange and Gold lots, respectively, into an exciting exhibition of drivers' skills from Tuesday, Jan. 22 to Thursday, Jan. 24. Read more

Hoover Dam Bypass Tour Returns

Concrete industry professionals who join the 3rd Annual World of Concrete Editorial Tour this year will have a behind-the-scenes look at the highway project that is literally changing the face of one of our country's most well-known historical landmarks—the Hoover Dam. Read more

Start Your Bidding

The annual Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Auction will be held at the World of Concrete at noon on Thursday, Jan. 24, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read more

Well-Oiled Machines

All rotating equipment requires timely and effective lubrication to help reduce wear, minimize lubricant consumption, maximize efficiency, and curb unscheduled downtime. For concrete plants, the job can seem daunting. Read more

Keeping Warm in Indy

Managers for many of the Irving Materials Inc. (IMI) plants know about winter production problems too well. Immediately after Thanksgiving, they are challenged to produce warm concrete in winter conditions to keep their customers supplied. Read more

Quality Sells

Here are six tips for increasing the quality of masonry products. Read more

Ten More Influencers

Ten more noteworthy influencers who have a significant impact on our industry. Read more

Influencing Today for a Better Tomorrow

The editors of THE CONCRETE PRODUCER are honored to recognize the people who are greatly influencing the concrete industry. These influencers, like Gene Martineau, have adopted leadership styles that are marked by consensus building. A desire to improve the entire industry, not just a market segment, drives them, and they believe that lasting change must be built on a foundation of education. Read more

Wish Lists

The plant managers' list included some surprises. Read more

Concrete Returns The Science of Pricing Concrete

The problem with economic downturns in the concrete industry is that the competitor down the street often doesn't value his product or company at a fair price. Read more

Spec Watch New Concrete Wall Standards

The Portland Cement Association's (PCA) National Standards Development Committee has approved the first PCA standard utilizing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited voluntary consensus process. Read more

Preparing for an SCC Job

Q: Our lab has developed a self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mix design that we plan to use on a recently awarded project. It will be our first large SCC project. While we have provided the SCC recipe on several small jobs and for this project's test pours, this will be our first attempt to incorporate our SCC product into our operations. Read more

Staying in the Race Staying in the Race

Economists have offered producers few surprises during the second half of 2007. Read more

Green Blending Green Blending

Producers are discovering that there is more to professing their greenness than just manufacturing concrete that contains fly ash or slag. Many customers now ask tough questions about the production process itself and to what extent producers have eliminated waste and reduced their own carbon footprint. Read more

Driving Green Forward

When will there be a common approach in demonstrating that concrete is a sustainable building material? Read more

Still Waters Run Deep

Our industry has been blessed to have so many individuals who have given so much of their time, talent, and treasures in promoting the cause of concrete. Read more