July 2007 Table of Contents

Reading from the Rear Reading from the Rear

A familiar voice finds a new location. Read more

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Hybrids?

It's about time society caught up to us concrete folks. We've been touting green and sustainability for years, often to half-filled rooms of fellow believers. Read more

Problem Clinic Problem Clinic: Green Sources

Q. We are interested in learning more on how to participate in the green building movement. We are particularly interested in finding out about any standards on products and systems. Where can we start? Read more

Women to the Gunwales Women to the Gunwales

It's hard to measure just how much the National Concrete Canoe Competition has encouraged women to become a part of the concrete industry. But judging from this year's organizational charts submitted by the 22 teams that met last month in Seattle, women are more than spectators. Read more

Defending Accidents Fleet Factors Defending Accidents

It can be one of the toughest aspects of a fleet manager's job: What do you do when a driver does everything right, but still is found to be wrong? Read more

ICFs From Coast to Coast ICFs From Coast to Coast

Two recent projects demonstrate the versatility and growing use of insulating concrete forms (ICFs) in solving construction challenges. Read more

In Style with Tile

New testing procedures give new life to concrete tile. Read more

Help for Your Air

Maintaining the target for entrained air in fresh concrete is like walking on a tightrope over a canyon on a windy day. You have the goal to arrive at the other side. And you know the path you have to take. But it's a difficult task keeping all the variables in balance, and the consequences of failure are bad no matter which side you fall on. Read more

The Model Home

Concrete producers can be proud that this year's unveiling of The New American Home reveals more than just a recently constructed display house. In fact, the official show home of National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) 2007 International Building Show proves that concrete homes can be trendy. Read more

Getting on Top of the Residential Market Getting on Top of the Residential Market

Roof tile production across the country is on the rise. And it's about time, since tile is the predominant roof covering material worldwide. According to the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI), the industry's marketing organization, tile roofing is a $603 million industry in the United States. Tile, which includes clay and concrete, continues to grow in popularity, and is now the dominant roofing material along the West Coast, across the Sunbelt, and in Florida. Read more

Working at Home in Style Working at Home in Style

Either we've been extremely lucky in Tennessee, or it's fortunate that we are always just behind the curve. While I've read many articles reporting the new home construction bubble is bursting around the country, our market seems to be expanding. Read more

Breaking Even Concrete Returns Breaking Even

he Break-Even Point is the point where expenses or costs equal revenues. Quite simply, it is the inflection point when a concrete business neither makes money nor losses money. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete on Ice

Maintaining the temperature of concrete. Read more

Dog Days of Diesel Dog Days of Diesel

Diesel prices jumped significantly between the first and second quarters this year. The U.S. Department of Energy predicts prices will average more than $2.80 for the balance of 2007. These prices are 24 cents a gallon higher, on average, than its January forecast. Read more

The Other Block The Other Block

After visiting bauma in Germany in April, I realize that there are many materials with which to build a structure. One item that caught my attention was the European material called calcium silicate, commonly called sand-lime block. Read more

Surfing for Work Surfing for Work

Emporis, a Web-based information service in Darmstadt, Germany, tracks buildings over 10 stories tall in more than 50,000 cities worldwide from the planning stages through approval, construction, and completion. Through e-mail alerts or by checking the data online, producers can follow the building construction markets in their areas and learn about trends. Read more

In the Mix News Brief: Taking the Deal

The U.S Department of Justice told Cemex to sell 39 of its plants; Heidelberg and Hanson came to an agreement Read more

Getting the Right Directions on the way home Getting the Right Directions on the way home

or many managers, this downturn in new home sales is a place they have never visited. Read more