December 2008 Table of Contents

One Man's Trash One Man's Trash

Waste materials can be a producer's treasure. Read more

A Gas Alternative Fleet Factors A Gas Alternative

There are ways to beat high fuel prices. Read more

Worth the Weight

Accurate scales help producers measure up. Read more

Make Plans Now

There are many special events at World of Concrete, Feb. 3–6, in Las Vegas. Read more

High-Strength Concrete: A Primer High-Strength Concrete: A Primer

The material's definition is not easy to nail down. Read more

Stability and Beyond

The future of sustainable concrete buildings is here. Read more

Building a Dream

Precast concrete flooring solves more than a space problem. Read more

From the Editor Putting the Hurt Behind

Producer comes through in supplying concrete for Twin Cities span. Read more

5 Re-Former Promotes Sustainable ICFS 5 Re-Former Promotes Sustainable ICFS

During Patrick Murphy's eight years as president of American PolySteel, he led the Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) manufacturer and the industry, into a new era of green building. Read more

4 Enterprising Engineering 4 Enterprising Engineering

In an industry where concrete innovation has been weighted down by steel and implementation measured by decades, it's refreshing to discover that enterprising leadership still has a chance to succeed. Read more

3 Delivering Coastal Change 3 Delivering Coastal Change

There's a bond that's stronger than mortar linking block producers to the design community. This bond of confidence is an important link needed to develop and expand the concrete block market. Read more

2 Pouring Forth Quality 2 Pouring Forth Quality

It didn't seem a big thing at the time to Steve Parker. So in 1998, when Doug Deno, the retiring chairman of ASTM C09.40, asked Parker if he would be interested in becoming chairman of the subcommittee, Parker said, yes. Read more

People Who Matter

Sometimes you hit on something and you just don't know how big it is or how big it's going to get. Just look at Frank Kozeliski's fateful experiment. The former owner and president of Gallup Sand & Gravel in Gallup, N.M., concocted a simple, rudimentary concrete mix that didn't even require an admixture or fine aggregate to be shipped 150 miles, in his case. Read more

A Chance Meeting A Chance Meeting

When old friends asked her to help out, she was undaunted. Read more

Admixture or Additive? Problem Clinic Admixture or Additive?

Q. In the past few years, we have noticed that mix design specifications have become more complex. Many documents contain terms such as admixtures, additives, and agents. What is the difference in these terms? Read more

Problem Clinic Casting a Green Block

Q. We are bidding on a large school project that is planned to be a LEED-certified structure. The architect has asked if we can supply a concrete masonry unit (CMU) that could be cast with supplementary materials to help qualify for LEED points. Are there any guidelines? Read more

Proper Coring Techniques Problem Clinic Proper Coring Techniques

Q. We are involved in a quality claim in which the testing lab reports the hardened concrete did not achieve the specified design strength. Our testing lab broke cylinders from that same job and all achieved proper strength. We are confident that we will achieve proper strength if the coring is properly conducted. Are there any guidelines that we can provide the testing lab to ensure that the sampling is properly conducted? Read more

Taking the Sway Away Taking the Sway Away

Stability system is a first step to prevent truck rollovers. Read more