January 2008 Table of Contents

World of Concrete 2010

Everything you need to know about the most important industry event. Read more

World of Concrete 2009

Everything you need to know about the most important industry event. Read more

Malisch Joins ASCC

Former senior managing director of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), will assume role of technical director for the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC). Read more

Shuffling Through the World of Concrete

I'm sure that you'll find World of Concrete an enjoyable experience. The exhibitors have invested millions of dollars preparing for this event and it's a safe bet that you will find the new technolgies and products on display at construction sites by summer. Read more

ARMCA Flatwork Finisher Specification

The Arkansas Ready Mixed Concrete Association's members are handing out this model specification to engineers and architects in Arkansas and asking them to incorporate it into their project specification. Read more

California Dream Builder

Diversity is coming to the concrete industry. Fortunately, change is no longer measured in terms of numbers, but by influence. At a recent meeting of key industry leaders who came together to help draft a vision statement outlining concrete's role in creating a sustainable world, more than 1/3 were women.One of these vision crafters was Professor Kristin Cooper-Carter. Read more

A Handful of Control

At its new product launch in November in Oklahoma City, Terex unveiled the new Total Control System. Read more

Engines: Good News and Bad News Fleet Factors Engines: Good News and Bad News

At last fall's meeting of the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC), the biggest question was, "How are the 2007 engines performing?" The answer is, there's good news and there's bad news. Read more

World of Concrete Products

In addition to selling ready-mixed concrete and precast elements, concrete producers should not forgo the chance to sell other construction products to contractors. It truly gives them one-stop shopping and adds to producers' bottom lines. Here are some products producers can sell to contractors, followed by a general selection of products you can find at World of Concrete. Read more

MIPs for 2008 MIPs for 2008

New material and equipment launches are abundant at World of Concrete/World of Masonry. Read more

MIPs for 2008

This year's Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest at World of Concrete again includes many examples of creatively innovative materials and equipment. These products run the gamut from big to small, from high-tech to low-tech, and from high-priced to low-priced. Read more

Seminars for Producers

In addition to the three-hour seminars at World of Concrete, producers will also find the 90-minute sessions valuable. Topics include general business, leadership and management, safety, technology for construction, and green building. Read more

Producer's Program Guide

With so much to do at World of Concrete, we are offering this planner to make it easier for producers to spend their time wisely while at the Las Vegas Convention Center. See you there, the week of Jan. 20. Read more

Is Your Customer Service in a Slump? Is Your Customer Service in a Slump?

The customer is the purpose of your work, no matter what your specific job in the process. And sometimes it is good to remind yourself that the customer pays the bills, generates payroll, and buys new equipment. Read more

The Sweet Winds of Change

In the quest for an unlimited source of energy, man has turned to one of the earth's most plentiful resources—wind. The American Wind Energy Association envisions wind energy supplying 20% of America's electricity needs by 2030. That's a big leap forward, as wind presently accounts for less than 1% of the total U.S. electricity generation. Read more

Keeping Dust-Free

Nilfisk CFM developed the CFM 125, a polypropylene industrial vacuum that can stand up to the challenges of the concrete industry. Read more

Vacuums on Steroids Vacuums on Steroids

In the last few years, cement manufacturers have discovered that vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution to reclaim product. Vacuums can be viewed as a best management process to help plant managers comply with EPA and OSHA regulations. Read more

Concrete Returns It Was a Great Ride

As producers prepare for 2008, projections from various sources point to a 10% to 15% reduction in total sales volume as the housing bust hits bottom. This reduction translates into a contraction of 45 million to 70 million yards, depending if the housing industry begins a slow recovery by the end of 2008. Read more

World of Concrete Turns Green World of Concrete Turns Green

You can learn more about the green movement and how it can benefit your business at World of Concrete, Jan. 22–25. in Las Vegas. Read more

A Deeper Shade of Green A Deeper Shade of Green

Concrete producers have more opportunities than ever to profit from the green building movement. Read more

Can You Make This Out of Concrete?

Faced with a challenge, the author led the task of building a two-ton, concrete conference table. Read more

Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification

To get certified as an Installer or Craftsman, you first must hold ACI certification as a flatwork finisher, and you must pass the pervious written exam. Read more

Certifying Success

Relationships between concrete producers and concrete contractors can be rocky. This is especially true when there's a problem on a cast-in-place job. Owners and general contractors know and often encourage using a blame game to assign a cost penalty. In this game, the contractor would often blame the concrete and the producer would blame the workmanship. The truth, of course, is often more complicated. Read more

The Drum Takes a Twist

With all of the changes in the ready-mix business, it has always been easy for me to tell customers and friends, "If you don't like the concrete business today, just stick around. Something will be new and different tomorrow." Little did I know that something new would hit me right between the eyes when I least expected it. Read more

Digging Out Concrete Returns Digging Out

I believe the key to the housing recovery will be the traditional government-backed mortgage markets. And there are already signs that these federal institutions have stepped into the breach of the mortgage mess to provide relief. Read more

Correcting for Aggregate Moisture Problem Clinic Correcting for Aggregate Moisture

Q: I'm fairly new in the concrete business and I know that a mix's water-cement ratio affects how well the concrete turns out. But why should I also care about something called "aggregate moisture," and what is it? Read more

Smooth Slip-paving

How a performance concrete mix may eliminate vibrators on slipformer pavers. Read more

A Bullish Forecast

Even more will be spent on commercial and public works construction, combined, over the next four decades. Read more

Greenbuild-ing Momentum

The U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) 2007 Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Chicago was bursting at the seams. The 23,000 attendees, 850 exhibitors showcasing green products and services, and more than 90 standing room only educational sessions at the November event were testament to the sustainability movement's growing strength and future. Read more

Answers to be Discovered

Sure, there's the dramatic drop in volume because of the residential construction decline. And the effect of higher fuel prices on deliveries. And providing the clincher is the uncertainty caused by a national election.But there are other reasons why 2008 may be one of the toughest years our industry has ever faced. Read more