July 2008 Table of Contents

Keeping us Cool Keeping us Cool

New research helps concrete qualify for sustainability credits. Read more

Smooth Sailing Fleet Factors Smooth Sailing

The right suspension is vital in giving a truck a quality ride. Read more

Have You Seen Jim's New Backyard? Have You Seen Jim's New Backyard?

Concrete pavers, structural stone, and flatwork are showing up in high-end estates. Read more

One-Step Coloring One-Step Coloring

Several years ago, analysts estimated that about 0.5% of all flatwork concrete was integrally colored, suggesting that one out of every 200 trucks loaded each day could head to a decorative project. Read more

Pulling Forward

Messing with Mother Nature can be dangerous. That's probably the main reason why Gary Fry and his team of craftsmen at Sun Precast in Beaver Springs, Pa., take their jobs so seriously. For more than 30 years, Sun Precast has provided cast stone elements for many of the major masonry projects on the East Coast. Read more

Hang on a Little Longer Concrete Returns Hang on a Little Longer

The end of the housing depression may be in sight. Read more

Lighter Chutes and Safer Sliders Lighter Chutes and Safer Sliders

Innovation is flowing to driver delivery tools. Read more