September 2008 Table of Contents

The China (Cement) Syndrome Concrete Returns The China (Cement) Syndrome

China's thirst for cement is on producers' lips. Read more

Problem Clinic Recycled Aggregate for Structural Concrete

Q. We are in the early planning stage of a major commercial project. During site preparation, the general contractor will require us to demolish and crush a large quantity of existing concrete used in the structure and pavement. In fact, looking through our records, it appears we supplied the concrete on the original project. The owner's engineer has asked us to develop a proposal in which we offer a concrete mix design that includes using this crushed concrete as aggregate. Are there any guidelines or resources that can help? Read more

Problem Clinic Reporting Tempering Water

Q. We have just equipped several of our mixers with an on-board slump monitoring system. As the truck travels to or waits at the jobsite, the system monitors the mix's slump. When the system's controller senses a significant stiffening of the mix, it will maintain the load's targeted slump by adding water. In most cases, the water quantity is relatively small. Before discharge, the driver inspects the load's final slump and uniformity. How should we report the water addition? Read more

Updated Pervious Concrete Research

The RMC Research & Education Foundation has released the revised version of its “Pervious Concrete Research Compilation.” Read more

Ms. Sherlock Holmes

Just by watching her clients, she can deduce their real needs. Read more

Beyond Cornfields Fleet Factors Beyond Cornfields

Hybrid vehicles will become a part of every producer's fleet. Read more

Terms of Treatment

New water treatment glossary standardizes educational effort. Read more

Help in Leed Certification

Changes in the point system are on the way. Read more

Quick Deployment Quick Deployment

An innovative, cellular concrete framing system speeds construction. Read more

Assessing Impact Calculator Assessing Impact

Technological improvements make life-cycle assessment accessible to all. Read more

Leed Going for Platinum

A design firm creates a tool to estimate the cost of LEED projects. Read more

Green Site Awards TCP's 2008 GreenSite Awards

CONCRETE PRODUCER, with our sister publication, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, introduced the GreenSite Project of the Year con contest honoring the concrete community's efforts to promote concrete's role in creating eco-friendly structures that will stand the test of time. Read more

A Flippin' Idea A Flippin' Idea

It's a great time to replace asphalt with concrete paving. Read more