December 2009 Table of Contents

Concrete Science Concrete Science

In tough times, the industry puts its money on green research. Read more

Review: New Dodge Pickups Fleet Factors Review: New Dodge Pickups

Improvements include reduced noise and less road harshness. Read more

Good Measure

Advanced bin measurement technology reduces guesswork. Read more

Quality Tanks Begin in the Forms Quality Tanks Begin in the Forms

Sealing concrete against water penetration is vital for septic tank manufacturers. Read more

World of Concrete is Around the Corner

Events galore, Feb. 2-5, in Las Vegas Read more

Is The Tax Man Coming? Is The Tax Man Coming?

The IRS is targeting raw material inventories. Read more

Shepherd of Concrete Sustainablity dswedbyyvzwsuaycvvzybbuc Shepherd of Concrete Sustainablity

Long before it became fashionable to be green, J.C. Roumain was urging our industry to accept its responsibility regarding environmental stewardship. Read more

Gaining Acceptance Gaining Acceptance

Dr. Kamal Khayat leads the way in research that is making SCC mainstream. Read more


TCP recognizes three men who have helped the concrete industry make important strides in education, sustainability, and research. Bruce Ingram helped launch the CIM program in the South. We also honor Kamal Khayat and J.C. Roumain. Read more

The Jobs Quandary Concrete Returns The Jobs Quandary

Like other industries, adding ready-mix jobs is years away. Read more

Problem Clinic Finding Quality Aggregate
Chipping Away at Cooling Costs Chipping Away at Cooling Costs

A new ice and water batcher will cool off any hot weather production problems. Read more

Murphy's Luck Murphy's Luck

A producer grows its business with a little good fortune. Read more